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Our Roasters

The magic of the traditional roasting craft

After harvesting and processing, our coffee travels a few minutes down the road to our neighbor — OROVAR a small women-owned and operated local roaster that pride themselves on their love of the art and craft of roasting.

The company was founded by the union of two local coffee families with a long history of working in the coffee industry. Their vast knowledge and experience in our coffee region as well as their artisanal skills in the art of roasting produces the final magical touches that makes our coffee beans sing. 

They understand our region very well and consequently know what specific flavors and aromas our beans want to express. 

The magic of their craft is in combining their knowledge of modern scientific equipment with years of years of practice and experience. They are innovators, inventors and above all, passionate coffee aficionados who have a commitment for sustainable practices like the recent installation of solar panels that supply most of the energy of their mill. They are also members of NAMA whose objective is to dramatically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the coffee industry in Costa Rica.


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