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The Tico Dripper Brew Guide

How to make an incredible cup of coffee with the Tico Dripper

The Troubardour Tico Dripper makes a superior cup of coffee. Professional baristas and coffee aficionados that are used to speciality coffee brewers like the V60, French press, Chemex or Aeropress will be particularly delighted because it offers an artisanal way of making speciality coffee that is fun, precise, and simple to use.

What You need

  • Troubardour Tico Dripper
  • Water (Spring or filtered water is the best)
  • Water boiler (preferably one with a thermometer)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Measuring spoon* (not all spoons are the same)
  • 1 or 2 small water containers (preferably with a spout)
  • Digital scale (optional)

Simple Recipe for 2 cups

  • Boil 600 grams (ml) of water to 200 °F.
  • Grind 2 Troubardour scoops of coffee (40 grams) and deposit it into the filter (bolsita).
  • Put a recipient on the Tico Dripper to receive the coffee.
  • Pour a little bit of water into the filter, just enough to wet the coffee and wait 30 seconds.
  • Begin to pour the rest of the water into the filter (bolsita). Do this in stages, trying not to overfill the bolsita.
  • Let all the water pass through the filter.
  • Enjoy your coffee.
Troubardour Coffee

Let's brew with the Tico Dripper

Step-by-step recipe for 2 Cups

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Step 1: Bring the water to a boil.

According to the National Coffee Association, 200°F (± 2°F) is the ideal range for optimal extraction. It’s important to keep in mind that water's boiling temperature is around 212°F so if you boil your water with a water boiler just let it sit away from the heat for 2 minutes after it reaches boiling point so that it cools down approximately to 200°F, otherwise you are going to burn your coffee and that would be very sad.

The elements of coffee are fragile—if the water is below temperature it won’t extract the coffee efficiently, leaving all its delicious flavors in the filter, and if it’s above range, it will destroy them, so try to get a boiler with temperature setting or a thermometer. Your coffee will thank you for it.

Since we’re doing a precise pour, we have two options; one is to use a scale and put the tico dripper on top of it so you can precisely pour 12 oz of water in your pour [see video], or what I do is use the same container every time so you can estimate correctly. I know that almost to the top of my big cup is 12 oz so I eyeball it everytime. I know it’s not kosher but it works.

Step 2:  Wet the filter (bolsita) with some water.

Put a recipient underneath the filter and, without adding any coffee into it yet, pour some water into the bolsita to soak it. This helps clean the bolsita and prepare it for the coffee.

Once the water has passed you can throw away the water in the container.

We’re ready to make some good coffee!

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Step 3:  Grind 2 scoops of coffee and put it into the bolsita.

We’re making 2 10oz cups so take 40 grams of coffee beans—that is approx. 2 Troubardour coffee scoops—and grind them to a medium fine grind.

Now you can put the ground coffee inside the bolsita and place a clean coffee container underneath the Tico Dripper.

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Step 4:  Pour some water to soak the coffee.

For 2 cups we’re going to need a total of 600ml of hot water so get it ready. Gently pour just enough water to wet the coffee but don’t over-pour — we’re just soaking them now.

This is my favorite part of the brew.

The coffee will become alive and react with the water; the steam will release its smell and the coffee will begin to transform and bloom. Some like to stop and smell the roses— I stop to smell my coffee brewing.

This step is a good time to catch a whiff of the coffee. Smelling the coffee when you grind it and then when you filter will enhance your coffee cup because it will open up your senses and get your body excited for the cup coffee you’re about to make and receive.

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Step 5:  Begin to pour the rest of the water

In a gentle circular fashion begin to pour in a steady stream of water so that the coffee gets covered and stirred. Take pauses in your pour so that the dripper does its magic. Don’t drown the bolsita in water and try not to go too much higher than the coffee line.

This is an enjoyable process. Breathe and empty your mind. Take this time to ponder the magic of the creation you are doing — Extracting the flavor that was trapped inside a plant, a little seed inside a little fruit that lived in paradise for all its life and which traveled far around the world to meet you. All this little fruit wants is to make your day better, you took care of it, and now it will take care of you.

When you finish pouring in all the water, allow for most of the water to filter through the sock, but be prepared to take out the coffee container before the last drops of coffee fall. These tend to hold strong and bitter notes so it’s best not to invite them into our coffee fiesta. VIP only.

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Step 6:  Enjoy your coffee

Pour the coffee into your cup and drink, enjoy, savor. The coffee will have rewarded you for your work. Drinking a cup of coffee is about feeling the love and intention that went into the cup.

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Step 7:  Cleaning your Tico Dripper

The bolsita (bag) filter can last for years if you take care of it. It’s simple, here’s all you need to know.

  • When you finish making coffee, empty the bolsita out. I recommend dumping the used coffee in your garden or a house plant as it will become fertilizer. Plants like coffee too :)
  • To wash it simply use fresh water and put it somewhere where it can dry throughout the day. It’s important to keep the bolsita dry. I like to have 2-3 bolsita so that I always have a dry one available when I make coffee throughout the day. 
  • Over time the bolsita will naturally turn dark as a result of the coffee oils adhering to the bag. This is perfectly natural, does not affect the taste and is not a reason to discard a bolsita. 
  • Once a month you can scrub that bolsita with salt and rinse it in water to dilute the oils and refresh the bolsita.
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