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About our farm

Finca Noemy is a coffee-lovers’ paradise. The farm is a miniature authentic replica of a typical Costa Rican coffee town. The mountain views of the coffee lands fill your lungs with fresh mountain air the moment you walk in. The property is covered with flowers and fruit trees that are home to many species of tropical birds and animals. Each day we greet coffee lovers from all around the world who attend our coffee tours, eat freshly made cheese tortillas in our home-style restaurant, and stay for the night in our cozy cabins at the farm. The farm has majestic views and viewpoints, hammocks, walking trails, camping lots and lots of delicious, freshly roasted coffee.

Troubardour Coffee Farm Finca Noemy Costa Rica
Troubardour Coffee Farm Finca Noemy Costa Rica
Ignacio Oreamuno Troubardour Coffee Farm Finca Noemy Costa Rica
Troubardour Coffee Farm Finca Noemy Costa Rica


Coffee likes to live in paradise

The Occidental Region is not just majestically beautiful— it also unites all the conditions that make up the ideal cultivation of the best coffee in the world — Very fertile volcanic soil, 81% humidity, stable year-round temperatures of 21.5 Celsius (70.7 ° Fahrenheit) and ample sun with an average of 2,250 solar hours. The region is famous for its many microclimates, good agricultural practices, and a communal respect for nature to which producers, processors and exporters are fully committed.

Our farm, Finca Noemy lies in the mountains at 1,100 meters above sea level and is located about one hour north of San Jose near the town of San Miguel, a small agricultural community in the mountains. Our total cultivation area is 6 hectares (14.8 acres) and we tend to 40,000 arabica coffee plants that were chosen specifically for the superior quality of their beans and their natural resistance to disease. 

  • Subregion: San Ramón, Alajuela
  • Surface: 14.8 acres (6 hectares)
  • Altitude: 1,100 meters a.s.l.
  • Avg. temp.: 21.5 ºC / 70.7 ºF
  • Humidity: 81%
  • Solar hours: 2,250 hrs/yr
  • Soil type: Volcanic
  • Planted species: 100% Arabica

A coffee with a story

This story begins in 1977 in the heart of Costa Rica’s blooming coffee region in the small mountain town of San Miguel, Alajuela. It was here that Johnny Aguilar, a hard-working second generation farmer and his family faced the challenge of taming a raw mountain with their bare hands and planting the first seeds that decades later would become Troubardour Coffee.

For over 4 decades, the Aguilar family have devoted themselves fully to the land and the coffee plants with intention and appreciation. In return, the land has taken care of them.

The result is very special and delicious coffee.

A few years ago, Johnny had a stroke that forced him to step back.

Carlos Aguilar, his eldest son— a young 3rd generation farmer with an innate passion for growing coffee — took the reins of the farm. He was determined to pick up where his dad left and bring new forward-thinking ideas in the way they were cultivating coffee.

Carlos strongly believed that the environment and the community around the farm is just as important as the quality of the coffee he grew.

Then one day, not so long ago...

Ignacio, a global nomad and adventurer arrived at the farm with a beautiful traveling cocktail bar called the Troubardour.

How it got there all the way from America and why it ended up at the farm, well that’s a story for another day, (which we promise we’ll tell) but the simple truth is that it immediately became clear to all of us that it wasn’t an accident...

The bar was like a sailboat that had gone adrift at sea and which had landed on a treasure island full of magical coffee beans.

The bar Troubardour, had become through sheer destiny, Troubardour Coffee.

And from this point on that we were all going on an adventure to take the incredible coffee from the farm and share it with people all over the world.

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Fear was not invited to ride along on our journey.

Our company was born during the COVID-19 pandemic and that was a sign that we were planting a seed in the most fertile of times.

We knew we were going to sell our coffee all over the world, but we also wanted to create and share a magical paradise where coffee lovers from all around the world could come and visit Costa Rica —the most beautiful country in the world — a place where we drink coffee to celebrate and amplify life.

The story of Troubardour coffee is not in the past, it’s in the present. And you my friend, are a part of it.

Welcome to our world.

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