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  • SCAA Rank 87 pts. (Excellent)
  • Direct Trade with neighbors
  • Shade-grown & pesticide free
  • Single-origin (San Ramón region)
Troubardour Coffee

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We ship to Canada, USA and most of the EU. Cancel your subscription anytime.

A Superior Coffee Grown With Love

  • Ranked as 89 (Excellent grade) by the SCAA
  • Direct trade only with our neighbors
  • Shade-grown and pesticide-free
  • Single-origin from San Ramón, Costa Rica

This very special coffee was made with love and intention at our beautiful farm in the majestic mountains of San Ramon, Costa Rica. Our coffee plants grow at high altitude in rich soil under the shade of green, lemon and banana fruit trees. Many species of tropical birds live here and symbiotically help keep our plants naturally healthy. We hand-pick our beans and dry them in the sun using a unique honey-process that elevates their flavor in an environmentally-friendly way. To finish, we roast them to a precise medium finish which balances and elevators the flavor, aroma and acidity to create a harmonious symphony of notes. We know how amazing our coffee is and hope that it brings joy into every single thing that you do in your life. May the taste of the sun, wind and rain of Costa Rica brew into your cup.

"I was hooked the moment I opened my first bag. The smell of the coffee alone is magic. I’ve enjoyed learning to make it every day in my ‘Tico Dripper’. I now get excited every time I get it in the mail."

Sebastian Bez

Boca Raton, FL

"This coffee rocks! I’ve been a member for two months now, and I’m loving it. The taste of Troubardour is perfectly balanced and it’s made me appreciate good coffee to a new level. "

Joey Covington

Amherst, VA

"Brewing coffee with the Tico Dripper has become a daily habit. I’ve been a coffee lover for a long time and Troubardour Coffee has elevated my love for the art and craft of brewing. The coffee is amazing on its own, and brewing it with the Tico Dripper has been a really fun learning experience that is now a daily habit. I love Troubardour!"

Richard Learmont

New York City, NY

How Our Coffee Subscription Works

We grow the coffee in our farm in Costa Rica.

Shade-grown, hand-harvested and honey processed in our farm in Costa Rica.

We pick it, roast it and ship it to you.

You choose how often we send Troubardour coffee directly to your home.

You drink it. You love it. Repeat.

Open it, brew it and enjoy The Taste of Costa Rica™ in your cup. You'll never run out.

Artisanally Roasted by Women

After harvesting and processing, our coffee travels a few minutes down the road to our neighbor — Cordillera del Fuego, a small women-owned and operated local roaster that pride themselves on their love of the art and craft of roasting.  


We ship to Canada, USA and most of the EU. Cancel your subscription anytime.