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Troubardour Coffee

The Troubardour Cocktail Bar

The Ultimate Coffee & Cocktail Bar in Costa Rica

Troubardour is the ultimate coffee & cocktail bar in Costa Rica. It is a hand-made piece of art that was forged from wood and metal by craft artisans.

The bar is the symbol of our coffee company because it was created to inspire and awaken, like the fabled Troubadours from the middle ages.

The design inspiration of the Troubardour was the classic guitar, an instrument that produces beautiful music but which also begs to be touched.

Troubardour Coffee

—A beautiful afternoon of cocktails at the Troubardour Coffee Farm & Ecolodge

The Troubardour bar is located in a special place in the mountains of Costa Rica.

The Troubardour is not just a mobile bar, it is an audio, visual, musical, tactile, art, cocktail experience.

The soul of the bar is filled with music, life and love and its energy will feel like oxygen to your soul as you sip the best cocktails in the country while taking in a view that is like stepping into an impressionist painting of a Costa Rican mountain. 

At Troubardour, everything is done with love. We don’t serve drinks—we serve liquid art.

All our cocktails are fabricated individually by hand from freshly squeezed limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits that were hanging from trees in the farm just moments before they were squeezed for your drink.

—And as should be expected, our menu includes a great variety of signature coffee cocktails you won’t find anywhere else.

Troubardour is available for hire for private events in Costa Rica.

We look forward to meeting you there.


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